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We appreciate your interest in a leadership coaching journey that's co-created with the intention to crystalize and channel your inner power into outer impact. This journey requires a continual and deep commitment to self-reflection. Please create time (about 15-25 minutes or so) to reflect upon your responses to the questions that follow. There aren't any right or wrong answers--only your Truth. The responses to these questions will help the Vibe Tribe at IndigoWomen determine your admission into the next cohort.

We operate from a belief that emotional intelligence is the inner muscle that we flex when we're relating with and bringing out the best in ourselves and those we lead and love. It is how well we manage ourselves and the relationships in our lives. For that reason, each section of this application is broken into 4 domains of emotional intelligence (Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management) to give us a better sense of how you're already flexing this critical muscle and how we might support you. Create some quiet space, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy what emerges through answering the following questions...


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Self Awareness


Self Management


Social Awareness


Relationship Management

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We have limited, partial scholarships that may be available to women with financial need. Is your participation in IndigoWomen dependent on a partial scholarship?
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