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When Black women thrive, humanity thrives!

Thank You

The IndigoWomen Scholarship Fund

We are elevated by your commitment to support the healing and liberation of beloved Black women. Liberation is a collective act that requires community and by taking this step, you are a part of ours. Please contribute to our scholarship fund and support the movement. 

30% of IndigoWomen applicants request financial support! 


The IndigoWomen Scholarship Fund makes this powerful experience accessible to Black women at different leadership and career journeys stages.

It's important for you to know that IndigoWomen LLC is a mission-driven for-profit company owned by a Black woman in resistance to the racial wealth gap. Instead of receiving a tax write-off for your contribution, the reward is actively participating in disrupting the racial wealth gap and becoming a life-long ally and co-conspirator in our community. As part of our community, you will receive future newsletters, articles, and detailed updates.