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When Black women thrive, humanity thrives!

Our Mission

We co-create spaces, methods, and conditions for Black women in leadership to thrive.

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Meet the

Vibe Tribe

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Our Origin


Shayna Renee, the founder of IndigoWomen, is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in leadership and life coaching, organizational culture redesign, and education leadership development.

Through her experience as a Black woman leader, herself, and her work in the leadership development space, Shayna Renee observed that many Black women executives faced the same set of challenges in the workplace--navigating microaggressions, being tokenized, losing their identity and purpose, being exhausted and overworked, constantly facing down the Strong Black Woman Schema, etc. 

For centuries, Black women have not been afforded the opportunity to even think about thriving--only surviving and caring for others. But today is a new day and the divine feminine is rising! Shayna Renee truly believes that when Black women thrive, humanity thrives! Without a doubt, our world needs the leadership of Black women and Black women need support in their leadership positions in ways that are sustainable and life-giving.


Shayna Renee launched IndigoWomen in March of 2020 to inspire, support, and guide Black women in leadership to rejuvenate their minds, bodies, and spirits so they can lead authentically, effectively, and sustainably. Based on her own personal experiences, Shayna Renee realized that professional and leadership development could not be separated from personal and spiritual development. Any misalignment spiritually, led to disarray in her professional and personal life. From the beginning, it was clear that if Shayna Renee wanted to truly support Black women to thrive, the approach had to be comprehensive and holistic.


The name IndigoWomen came from a session with her therapist, in which she was asked to think of a word that calls her back to who she truly is when she gets lost and recognizes that she is misaligned. The word that came to her was Indigo--meaning increased perception and intuition and the need for structure, organization, and alignment. She coined IndigoWomen as a calling and an invitation to all Black women to return to the source; to return to their core, when they find themselves lost and in hiding.


"The only way to shine is to radiate from within!"

Core Values



Embody Love

Love undergirds every other value we hold dear. Love includes. It invites. It sees potential. Love acknowledges pain and reveals truth. Love awakens consciousness. It demands perseverance and emboldens the spirit. Love is what fuels our empathy and compassion for our leaders and those that they serve.


Channel Power

All Black women possess an inner ancestral strength that is wise, strong, and whole. When we learn to continually access this well of divine knowledge, our capability to lead in all desired aspects of our lives expands. We channel our power to create environments and spaces such that our leaders can come to know, access, and love their inner power that’s been within them all along.


Experience Joy

Joy is an enduring, long-lasting, and powerful feeling of inner peace, contentment, and completion. When in this state, we can innovate, relate, and lead from our best selves. Workplace and societal norms often cultivate the opposite--confusion, frustration, and scarcity--through misguided priorities and measures of success. We support our leaders in discovering what success truly means in their context, releasing what steals their joy, and integrating their refined definition of success into the workplace cultures they’re cultivating.


Exude Radiance

Radiance is the desired energy that those we lead and serve experience as a result of our leadership. To both embody and exude it, we must possess a genuine belief in ourselves, our missions, and the people we lead. Leaders who exude radiance invite those they lead to be and give their best. We partner with our leaders in deepening their self-awareness and strengthening their relationship-building and people development skills.


Be Authentic

To lead authentically means to lead in harmony with our values and purpose--while maintaining a genuine openness to diverse perspectives and a curious presence with those around us. Authenticity inspires trust, commitment, cohesion, and vulnerability among teams. When teams function in this elevated state, the results they produce are both outstanding and sustained over time. We support our leaders in (re) discovering their authentic leadership voices and styles.

Our Guiding Principles

Discover Our


The R3 Method™ of Leadership Coaching

The R3 Method™ is a spiritually-inspired and research-based coaching methodology that blends holistic healing and professional development.


We begin by supporting you to adopt self-care as a mindset, tell the truth, and declare your vision for leadership and life.


Next, our coaches guide you to release control, trust yourself, and lead from the center.


Finally, we show you how to intentionally love yourself, protect your vibe, and radiate from within!


The impact of our work is best shown in the testimonials and radiating smiles of our powerful and fabulous alumnae participants! You don't have to take our word for it. Hear from them and see for yourself.  

Signature Programs

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