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At SR Media, we inspire and mobilize leaders to live and lead with love and joy. We deliver keynote speeches, co-curate liberatory events, produce a podcast, write books, and coach highly influential leaders and entrepreneurs.


Shayna Renee Hammond

Mother, Serial Entrepreneur, Executive Leadership Coach, Best-selling Author, Virgo, ENFJ, and Energy Shifter. 

My Jam is co-creating containers where people can liberate themselves.


My Craft is supporting people in breaking down complex challenges and desires into new mindsets and simple steps.


My Calling is to lead leaders who dare to thrive while leading boldly.

Understanding your JCC—your Jam (zone of genius), Craft (zone of competence), and Calling (purpose)—is the cornerstone of living the life you've always dreamed of.


I invite you to join our community and begin a journey to uncover yours.

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#1 Amazon New Release

#1 Amazon New Release

Women’s Personal Spiritual Growth

Discrimination & Racism Studies

Women & Business

Seasoned leadership and life coach Shayna Renee Hammond inspires you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit so you can lead more authentically, effectively, and sustainably. In these pages, you’ll learn how you can

  • Fall deeply (and remain!) in love with yourself.

  • Gain clarity in your purpose and influence.

  • Heal from internalized and transferred racism.

This book is your invitation to make self-care the catalytic strategy toward thriving in leadership and life.

Click here to purchase today!


Redesigning Liberation

FALL 2024

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